About Me and this Blog

About Me and this Blog

My name is Stefan Kreidel and I am a Software Engineer and Architect located im Germany. Even though I still live in the city I was born in, I enjoy visiting new places (preferably far away) whenever I find the time and, let’s be real, money for it.

I am a full-time engineer with lots of different interests outside of my typical backend domain, like architecture, operations, automation, SEO, performance and, as of recently, blogging.

After working as a backend engineer at Mercedes for a couple of years, I got more and more invested in cross-team software design and architecture back in early 2022. After investing some of my spare work-time into this topic, I decided to take it up more seriously by taking over a position as system architect and, more or less at the same time, co-founding a department wide software architecture circle.

Turns out that the skills I need at this job are still more or less the same as before but the cost of error can be far greater if you are thinking about department wide changes. So back to the drawing board it was…

Hour long research, day and night, caused me to question some of the things I thought I knew but also to deepen my knowledge in topics I had done right intuitively. How do some things that are obvious work internally? Is that really the best way to do it? I wished I knew what this does under the hood to start optimizing… Those are the questions and topics that motivated me. Turns out, I could still learn a lot. Especially in the areas which are not covered by every other blog or tutorial site out there.

I decided to write down the things that were very difficult for me to grasp at first and explain or visualize them in a way that makes it fun and easy to learn. This will certainly help me in the future (of course I forget stuff as well) and hopefully give you one or two bits of useful information as well. Let me know what you think or get connection on social media, if you would like to follow along!